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By | May 4, 2022

Looking for free infatuation scripts examples.Infatuation scripts program by clayton max teaches you how to unlock a man’s Infatuation Instinct and why so many men are resistant to commitment..Plus the surprising reason why men choose certain women while rejecting others and exact scripts that you can use to make one man absolutely sure that you are the one for him…

infatuation scripts examples

Here are few Infatuation Scripts Examples from the program:


Example #1: Liking vs. Infatuation


One of the problems a lot of women run into, is that very often, the things they do to get a guy to ‘like them’ is at odds with what would get him to feel infatuated with them.

For example, giving a man everything he thinks he wants, being extremely available to him and always willing to do things on his terms, might get a guy to LIKE you. But would make it virtually impossible to trigger those feelings of infatuation so important for getting a guy wholeheartedly committed to you.

While being willing to frustrate him a little, to remain slightly out of reach for him, and not to give him exactly what he wants whenever he wants it can turn on those feelings of infatuation.

I knew that the best way to help my female friends, was to get them to stop focusing on getting men to LIKE them, and instead to do those things that would get him INFATUATED.

What Triggers Infatuation ?

Through the author’s research there were 3 main Ingredients of infatuation.3 things that, when combined, cause a chemical reaction inside a man’s brain and body that overwhelm his emotions, push all other women out of his mind, and make him completely certain that you’re the one for him.

The rest of the infatuation scripts program is divided into following 3 different modules. Each module covers a different ingredient and gives you exact scripts you can use to add that ingredient into the mix:

infatuation scripts sample


Example: #2 : Leaning In


Another way to make a guy feel pressure is by psychologically “leaning in” to him. Leaning in means trying to get more of his time, more of his attention,more of him than he’s freely offering, even in the very short term.

You’re talking on the phone or texting and he says he needs to go. If you say, “Ok, just one more thing though” or you ask him a question or do ANYTHING that keeps him in the conversation, THAT’S leaning in.

You’re at a guy’s place and he says,“Ok, I need to sleep, let’s get you home” and you say, “Aw, can’t I sleep here?“ or even “Ok, just let me lie here for 5 more minutes”. THAT’S what I mean by ‘leaning in’.

Ideally, you’re the one saying, “I should go now”. You’re ending conversations first and you’re leaving HIM a little hungry for more. But if he draws things to a close, just say, “Ok, talk to you later” and get out of the conversation.


Example: #3: Projection Questions:


This is one of the most powerful techniques I know. It’s a sneaky sort of way to communicate something about yourself.

You can use it for all sorts of qualities — but it’s particularly effective for signalling that you don’t get attached to someone the moment you sleep with him.

What you do is, you take the quality you want to communicate, and ask him questions which screen HIM for that same quality.

For example if you want to communicate that you’re not needy, ask him if HE’S needy.


After Sex:

“You’re not one of those guys that assumes just cause we slept together we’re getting married now are you?

“You’re not going to get clingy and text me 20 times a day no are you?

These are just few Infatuation Scripts Examples from the Infatuation Scripts Guide.For more Details on Infatuation Scripts program and to Download the complete program instantly with Limited Time 3 FREE Bonuses :

infatuation scripts examples free

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